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I’m sorry for what happened to the model. But Pastor is Not Superman…he is not God…and he is not even NYPD… If you had someone stalking you would go to your pastor for safety or would you go to someone who has authority like the police or the fbi? She was a Yale graduate I’m sure she was smart enough to know pastor Jim could not save her. Until a person can prove me that the pastor has super power he could have saved her then I will agree with you.  That being said Pastor Jim is a human being I’m 100% sure  he may have done some shady things. But we must not blame him for that.

Additionally, using bible verses to take revenge on someone who may have done something wrong is not right.  I truly understand you are mad at him..but .leave the bible alone….He can use a bible verse also  “He that is without a sin among you let him cast the first stone”. John 8:6.  The pastor is not perfect …. I’m not perfect …let God deal with him.