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Ramon, as far as conspiracy theories go, have you checked out the rest of the website? At first glance, there seems to be at least 100 citations and external resources. Start there if you are seeking to verify if what is written on this site is accurate or not. There is also an entire referrals section, including experts and advocates

The model’s situation is a classic Intimate Partner Violence scenario. Anyone with training (which should include all church employees, especially leaders) would know how to properly respond to her. “We will all die, but we will all be with the Lord” is a hazardous response to a victim of abuse who fears for her life, putting her in even more danger. ¬†Have you heard of Pastor Neil Schori? He was the pastor of Stacy Peterson, who went to him with concerns that her husband, Drew, had killed his previous wife. A few weeks later, she disappeared, presumed dead. Pastor Neil realized he did not have proper training for Domestic Violence responses. Recognizing his failure, he has dedicated his years as a pastor since then to become educated and teach others.

“The pastor is not perfect …. I’m not perfect …let God deal with him.” This is what’s referred to as sin-leveling, which minimizes the need for biblical accountability, especially among churches and church leaders. Check out the Abuse of Faith section, which covers commonly misused bible verses and phrases, including the one you used,, and the Biblical Support section¬†