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To be clear @hwpatrick356, this is still an issue for me and many others. Bringing to light serious allegations like his is not slander, but it is a huge concern. Here is why. Many have left Brooklyn Tabernacle after hearing how they handled this investigation. Again, if RZIM and C&MA’s handling of abuse claims and followup investigations is any indication, the investigation (even by so-called authorities) was half-done, imo. After all, it was told to the staff and ministry workers that he was crazy even prior to the investigation. That doesn’t sound like an acountibility structure that takes allegations seriously. From what I understand, leadership laughed at him.

And that is the issue, right? They called him crazy and laughed at him. Well done accountibility structure. (claps)

But he knew the color of the carpet in the house and the color inside his car. He remembered.