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Ladies and Gentlemen

I want to point out that @hwpatrick356 (who knows “beyond a shadow of a doubt” about the situation and was quick to respond on this topic, but apparently doesn’t work for the Brooklyn Tabernacle) has NO ANSWER for what “outside policing authorities” have investigated allegations of sexual abuse against Jim Cymbala.

Furthermore, since he is now choosing silence, WHY would @hwpatrick356 misrepresent that there were outside policing authorities that did an investigation and claim that our questions are a “rabbit trail?”

(insert: “There is nothing to see here. Please keep moving.”)

The answer I would assume is that they would like these questions to go away A. S. A. P. Especially in light of how RZIM handled their investigations INTERNALLY (and poorly) and given what was mentioned on the old blog about keeping sexual abuse on the “hush hush. It’s a p.r. nightmare. It’s standard operating procedure.”

Those aren’t my words. Those are from 2009, and well before these recent allegations.

If that doesn’t trouble you, I don’t know what will.