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I do have an answer for who the policing authorities were but I’m choosing not to give it. Just like you’re not providing the faxes that were sent by the accuser or who this accuser was and how exactly he knew PJC. You’re also not providing how you know that people laughed at him or who told you that there was an internal investigation similar to what I stated myself. Since neither of us are willing to provide all the full details of what we say we know then all it can amount to is heresay.

I’m not misrepresenting that there were police authorities, I’m willing to bet my information is more factual then a fax being sent but again you don’t know who I am and I don’t know who you are so it’s all just heresay.

“ The answer I would assume is that they would like these questions to go away A. S. A. P.”

Again I don’t work for them, which I mentioned earlier and once again I’m not totally against everything being mentioned on this site, I just chose to respond to this post because I actually did have info on it. You sure do assume a lot.