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Paul Br

My name is Paul Brewer, a sex abuse survivor at the hands of Jim Cymbala and the founding members of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Sharing my story is one way to help others that have been abused, and my story is one of hope and determination. I am not a sex abuse survivor that thought the abuse was normal that was occurring . There is
clearly nothing normal about ritual sex abuse, drugging children with barbituates  and prostituting us  to
the church and members of the community.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle, the Pentecostal church founded by Jim Cymbala, have committed the ultimate act of betrayal against children and their family members. During churchservices, they would routinely round up the children, take us off church property, and ritually rape us. My mother and other concerned parents had to wait a long time after the church services ended, just to get their children back.

now here are the facts so you all know what you are talking about –

We were not just church members of the early BT but my father was also an assistant pastor in the 10970s when we attended

As far as investigation . The BT hired attorney , Tracy L Boak at Perlman and Perlman. So you know , I read her a new one , and she also believed I was molested and resigned from representing BT and Jim Cymbala. Her note to my attorney was “Your client Paul is a B*tch !” .  I have no time for people who enable sex abusers and resort to calling victims of sex abuse crazy, yes I am talking to you members of The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Perlman and Perlman
41 Madison Avenue, Suite 4000
New York, NY 10010-2202
P: (212) 889-0575 ext. 236 | F: (212) 743-8120

The initial investigation was conducted by T&M and I stopped the interrogation after the despicable and unchristian way the church and Jim dealt with this crisis.

T&M Protection Resources, LLC
230 Park Avenue, Suite 440
New York, NY 10169
phone: 212.916.8852
cell: 646.530.4373Laura Kirschstein, Esq.
Vice President
Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations

Yes , I did most certainly sent all those faxes, as well as hundreds of emails, phone calls and would even resort to smoke signals if i need to. I have all the faxes , emails and communications between me and lawyers etc,  if any one needs a copy, because you all seem to believe a rapist over the people he has victimized. If any one needs copies email me at sweetfeetmusic at the yahoo.

Insulting victims Jim has abused is his MO. Many members know of Jims accusations of rape towards other female adult members of the church. ****Sentence removed by BTF Moderator****. look into Rina Gatdula and what she really did at the church .


I hope my story will give a light to survivors . Although my healing is a journey and can be a struggle at times, my survival has given me a purpose to work on, a cause much greater than myself; a voice for sex abuse victims. Turning my own trauma into healing for others isfulfilling beyond description.

The foundations of my childhood were founded in grief and horror. My metamorphosis from shame turned into ANGER and unstoppable motivation,  my weapons, grounded by the truth that I have survived the unimaginable. Childhood sex abuse can destroy you, or turn you into a powerful beast. I chose to become a beast


Paul Brewer

Matthew 18:6
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me,
it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,
and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.