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@Paul Br

Thank you for sharing your story and your experiences. While they are absolutely terrifying, I believe you. I am so sorry for what has happened so many years ago and also more recently.

Sadly, your story is no less believable than the truth we have come to learn about other Christian leaders. RZIM’s poor internal investigation of accusations by Lori Anne Thompson was eerily similar to what we have read here.

I have heard many people say that they know there is something off at BT but we did not know the depths as you have outlined them here.



Paul’s story is alarming. You have labeled legitimate concerns as “heresay,” further adding that you “know without a shadow of a doubt that this was fully investigated.” According to Paul, the investigation was comprised of a single interview with no follow up. How are we to believe that it was complete and thorough? I believe Paul, but I’ll ploddingly use the word “if” his allegations are true, this is extremely troublesome for the church. Paul’s claim of other church members knowing of sexual abuse seems to be backed up by posts on the previous blog. “Paul W” posted that the way BT handles allegations was to keep it “hush hush” and that it was “standard operating procedure.” This trend does not bode well.

Wouldn’t the Pastors and the Board of the Brooklyn Tabernacle want make every assurance that this is fully investigated through an independent investigation and with an organization that does not have a fiduciary responsibility to their own client?