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Paul Br

I never had any interview with any agency other than CPS . Their goal was to assess any danger children at the church may be in currently they did not research validate or invalidate my case.

I spoke to Detective Quinones at Brooklyn SVU but she did not get back to me for weeks on end . After I googled her name, I found out she was find it $100,000 plus for putting off sex abuse survivors and not addressing their claims. I told her I was not interested in working with her because of her unprofessionalism and please refer my case to another officer. I have all my text messages and communications with her saved as well.

I was never interviewed by any policing agencies in New York City. The only people I spoke with is TNM investigations and my contacts in the FBI locally .

The only time I have ever been interviewed question or given time about my claim was my one interview by the investigator Laura, at T and M.

As far as people saying I have no relation to the church. That’s really insulting to the son of a preacher that has been forced to go to church since being an infant. Rina Gatdula recruited us from our work at the Salvation Army. My mother cooked their regularly for their out reach programs with Mrs. Gatdula.  Her daughters would regularly sing at the Salvation Army and the Church.

my father was an assistant pastor at the early Brooklyn Tabernacle and me and my entire family attended the church. So for any of those to claim that I never went there or have no relation to Jim Cymbala. Are just making stuff up

my account has been blocked so I had to come log in another way. If you don’t think the church is trying to silence me think again