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“And the message in the letter was this:  Shut it down. Shut it all down. Shut everything down.

Get back to the Word. Get back to prayer. Get back to waiting on God. Get back to your wife. Get back to seeking the Lord. And don’t say I can’t afford to shut it down. Because if you don’t shut it down, God will shut it down. …

He sent the letter. The response wasn’t very good. It was basically:

“You don’t understand the anointing that I have on me. And you don’t understand what God has raised me up to accomplish in the earth. Shut it down? I’m taking in almost a million dollars a day. How could I shut it down?

If I’m in the trouble you think I’m in, why is the money coming in? So I’m not shutting anything down. And I want you to know, your word from the Lord is way out in left field.”

But it wasn’t very long before the televangelist wished he had shut it down. Because when you stop listening, bad things begin to happen. And now his name is an adjective. Imagine, he’s sleeping somewhere tonight. And his name is an adjective in New York City. It is. If you want to talk about somebody fraudulent and immoral and not real, his name is now an adjective in the English language, and he could have been spared it if he just would have listened.

Isn’t God persistent? I was a lot younger then – a young minister – just learning a lot of things. But I thought to myself, “God, you’re amazing. You’re following this guy and making people call each other and write letters and prophecies.” But what can God do when nobody’s listening?

In other words, God is speaking, but nobody was listening on the other end.”

Jim Cymbala
From the Sermon “The Dangers of Pride In Ministry”