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6. Carol Cymbala reportedly labeled her choir members with an “F”, identifying those who were overweight. There are no words adequate for this behavior.

I didn’t see her labeling choir members with an F with my own eyes, but I didn’t have to. I know more than a handful of my brothers and sisters were sat down from the Singers and choir for being overweight. They were told to go get help for “their problem.” This was obviously crushing to them and was it handled in the most unloving way. Unfortunately Pastor Cymbala and Carol have got to have “that look” and that comes at a price.

She and her team would hand pick who were in the front rows of the choir. We were told in choir rehearsal who sat in the front and who were delegated to the back. I think all my brothers and sisters are beautiful, but there was absolutely a sense that those who they felt looked better on camera were placed in front. Pastor Cymbala has told me on a few occasions to go get a dress or to fix up my hair a certain way. It felt strange when he said those kinds of things and now it feels less pastor/father and even more weird.