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This entire site is shocking to everyone.

The very nature of sin is something dark and hidden. Therefore, you may never know if CT and its leadership has integrity in the hidden places where no one sees.

God gave you a voice to speak and ask questions. He gave you His Spirit to discern what is Godly and what is not. He gave you a mind to process what you see and hear and to reach your own conclusions.

Read the scriptures and learn what the necessary characteristics are for leadership. Then you can assess what the Word of God says with what you see.

If you are concerned about nepotism and finances at CT, go and ask to see the financials and get the clarity that you need and that is only right to receive as member. If you discern something isn’t right there, you can go to another church. If you feel fed and cared for by the leadership, then stay and be fed and serve God’s people.

Stay on your knees before God and on your feet before man.