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Sometime back Pettrey Jr was singing with the singers, and he is already in charge of “Sanctus”. Claire was shown last week as ” social media specialist”.

James sings with the singers. It is hard to keep track when the family is everywhere. Maybe Luke sings too. James is this guy, if you can believe it. Another discussion happening over there. Horrifying.

Pettrey Jr. That is Luke. He is clearly being groomed to be the successor. The people would never go for Brian and Sue. JC knows that. The previous leaders of MVMNT were used as a placeholder for Luke to complete his time in California. Poor things -good people -they really didn’t have a clue. Soon little Luke will preach on Sunday and they will make him a pastor. Oh and he will have a large salary and parsonage.

The circular firing squad is already happening among the pastors. They will eat their own to save themselves from being targeted.