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Thank you for your compassionate response. My time at BT nearly did me in. I was left so desolate toward the end and felt like I had failed God in ministry. My wife and I had a newborn at the time and we had no idea what would happen to us. But God had a plan and after taking a few years we started a ministry that continues to this day..

The most important thing I found was remembering that JC is just a man. Plain and simple. I experienced and saw    some of the shady and questionable things that went on behind the scenes. God help them all!

I remember Roberta and I remember how they exploited her testimony. I was in the prayer meeting the night some guy rushed the platform with a gun. I saw a lot and heard a lot. Step out of line and JC would send his pastoral minions to do his dirty work lest someone think badly of him.

Folks, be assured , if BT hurt you, make it known. Hold them accountable. People may call you divisive, crazy, or they may stop talking to you all together. It’s ok! Truth will win out in the end. Your sanity and mental health is more important than living life in the shadow of manipulative pastors and church leaders. God has a better way for you.