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Truth Be Told

I just don’t understand how this was not investigated. All the details sound questionable. Whatever happened to her family? Her daughter? Could PJC have power in Texas to cover up an investigation and wipe clear all social media information pertaining to Leslie? You cannot hide from God PJC.

The fact that they wiped the internet of Leslie looks terrible. It’s like what you see on 60 Minutes or SVU.

I could see PJC covering up an investigation. Then send an email to the church. No one would be the wiser!

Back when Leslie passed, the whole Cymbala family didn’t look sad and grieving they looked very nervous. I think they really messed up when they started bad mouthing Leslie to others. You just don’t do that.

Do you know when you DO do that?You do that when you’re desperate to spin a narrative.

We will find out what truly happened. #JusticeforLeslie