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I like your articulations.

Healing is not the same as justice though they may feel interwoven.”

This is so true. Indeed, as simply saying “sorry”  is not the same as repentance. There must be a change in behavior.Paul speaks on “godly sorrow”. John called to ” bear fruits worthy of repentance”.

Sometimes the story of what happened to us needs to be spoken. Sometimes to a trusted friend, sometimes to a professional, and sometimes to a lawyer. This is especially true for stories of abuse”.

That is so very true also.The trauma may be too much to handle alone and also for some kind of justice to be done.

Perhaps, “and even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees”?

I’m grateful for the resources that this site has provided. It helped me to know we are not alone“.

That I believe is perhaps the best purpose of this forum. There is strength and recovery in knowing its not all a figment of your imagination. And you are not alone.