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I saw this story and thought of your post.

The Sex-Abuse Scandal That Devastated a Suburban Megachurch

How you have said it seems somewhat funny-but we know it isn’t. So very sad. That is the way it ends up being played out.

Do all these Associate pastors even have a conscience? If it is about protecting the church,do they really believe that silence and ignoring is the best way?

The sex abuse victims especially hurt and suffer badly. They carry a physical and spiritual trauma.

And the name of Jesus Christ also suffers.They set the church up to be ridiculed.Because sooner or later, you can be guaranteed,the truth will be revealed. (What is amazing though is that even after truth comes out,members seem to rally around the pastors more than the victims!)

Look at the story now of that little girl Arabella McCormack. I think it would take a lot of audacity for anyone to say that they did not see or know something.

But I see that the ego can seem to convince one they are invincible. Pastor Jim Cymbala in his 11/20/2022 sermon appears to want to discredit and make fun. That doesnt matter. God knows the truth of all things.(Perhaps he “doth protest too much”?)

It is incredibly sad that PJC is in such darkness. Whether he was always so or have gone the way of evil for material gain,only he knows.

Interestingly PJC by his own words it would seem gives permission to judge the church.

So by your own words,you stand condemned,PJC.