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In light of the accusations and stories on this forum, and in a world of Christian leaders who have been exposed sexually abusing their congregants, I who follows stories like these wanted to make sure that readers of this page are aware:

Deadline to file is November 23, 2023

“Over the past 10 months, the New York Adult Survivors Act has allowed hundreds of accusers to file lawsuits against alleged sexual abusers even after the statute of limitations on their claims had run out. But the groundbreaking legislation is set to expire at midnight on Nov. 23—and lawyers are now scrambling to file as many complaints as possible before then.

“I have cleared my schedule for the week of Thanksgiving and am on call for anyone who wants to discuss filing an [Adult Survivors Act] claim before the window closes,” Megan Goddard, who has at least three lawsuits under the act, told The Daily Beast. “Abusers have been hiding behind statutes of limitations, arbitration clauses, and threats of retribution forever. The [Adult Survivors Act] flipped the script.”

The state law signed last May granted survivors a one-year window to sue alleged abusers or their estates for incidents that occurred when they were over the age of 18. The act, which mirrored the 2019 Child Victims Act for those abused as minors, also allowed New Yorkers to sue businesses, institutions, hospitals, or even jails that they allege enabled the conduct, regardless of when it happened….

“We have a number of things percolating,” Valdi Licul, an attorney who filed a lawsuit under the act against the New York State attorney general on behalf of a former aide, told The Daily Beast. “We still have a few weeks left, and if any victim out there has any potential claim, go get the advice of [legal] counsel before the window closes. People can reach out to lawyers until the last day.””

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