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Paul Br

Hi all !
paul Brewer here . Just want to say hello to everyone and update you on a few things –

the case is going strong – even though the church has been late on every one of their filings. And have been reprimanded by the courts twice.

attorneys from the Brooklyn. Tabernacle told me they were going to sue me for defamation. If I continue to call them, pedophile defenders, and have their pictures on my Facebook page. Cue to me posting about Brooklyn Tabernacle and their attorneys every day 🤣🤣

according to my investigator from my attorney at Herman Law – @hwpatrick356 is non other than Jim “jones” Cymbala himself.

The cases moving slowly due to the back up in court systems for Covid, etc. However, you can see that all of Patrick statements have been proven false. From his singing investigation was complete, that I drop the charges, etc. etc. It’s just Jim Cymbala again making up false statement so people will give him money at the church. You and I know it’s nothing more than a money making machine for him

i’ll keep you all posted on any major changes. And thank you again for all the church members that reach out to me via my email Sweetfeetmusic at yahoo.

thank you all

I was contacted this week alone by two former employees.