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Concerned Staff

Everyone is leaving BT because it’s total chaos here. It’s a completely toxic, controlling work environment. Pettrey and leadership has resorted to spying on staff. It’s bad.

The ‘family’ (Cymbalas and Pettreys) have gotten so nasty especially to our staff and HR has turned a blind eye to all of it.

They just built an even larger video wall behind the singers while at the same time they are having choir auditions. They are spending money left and right.

They have been in lawsuit after lawsuit, suing and countersuing people. They can’t even prove in the latest lawsuit that BBQs is the source of waste water that BT Kids is having children play on top of. They are trying to keep it quiet. But the parents know now.

It’s not just Steven and Ashton and others leaving, but BT is firing people they consider too old. I don’t see how there isn’t an age discrimination lawsuit being filed. It’s really bad and clearly discrimination.

They are also worried about the lawsuit from Paul Brewer and the other accusations that have come forward about sexual abuse against PJC (Jim Cymbala). Paul’s lawsuit continues and if PJC and the church are found liable, the press would open the floodgates for his other victims to come forward. So they are trying to get him to step down and retire, but he won’t for obvious reasons. So disgusting.

I myself am growing tired of the antics and the show. The pastors get up and pretend like we’re a praying church. But nothing can be father from the truth. BT is a manipulative, controlling, holy-posturing church with a LOT of secrets.