Churchill’s of Brooklyn, Inc.


In 2004, The Brooklyn Tabernacle (TBT) purchased the 1st and 2nd floors of 180 Livingston Street for $15,000,000. Included in that purchase was the space which was eventually rented by Dallas BBQ restaurant in May 2005. Prior to the 2004 purchase, TBT moved into the property sometime after a lease was established between TBT, who was doing business under a subsidiary, Brooklyn Management Corp., and Treeline Livingston LLC.

According to ACRIS (BBL Brooklyn/164/20), the lease commenced for a portion of the ground floor and basement in November 2001. The church had approximately $10,000,000 in additional mortgage loans between 2003-2004 on top of the $15,000,000 for purchase (BBL Brooklyn/164/1002). It is assumed that the additional $10,000,000, plus the sale of their former location at 290 Flatbush for $4,750,000, totaling $14,750,000, plus the generous giving of some high-level donors, went toward construction in the new building at 180 Livingston Street.

Churchill’s of Brooklyn, Inc., a for-profit corporation started by The Brooklyn Tabernacle, filed their articles of incorporation with the New York State Department of State Division of Corporations in May 2001 (DOS ID #2636968), then opened as Churchill’s Restaurant in May 2003. Churchill’s Restaurant, perhaps under Brooklyn Management Corp, appears to have paid rent until The Brooklyn Tabernacle officially received the deed of purchase for the property in April 2004.

It is unclear if The Brooklyn Tabernacle, using tithes and donations, was funding the monthly rent payments for the for-profit Churchill’s Restaurant, or if it was Churchill’s of Brooklyn paying the monthly rent from their own, completely separate business account handling all revenue and expenditures.

Churchill’s Restaurant closed its doors in early 2005, reportedly due to financial failure. The space was then available for Dallas BBQ restaurant, who signed a renter’s lease agreement as “Tenant” on May 25, 2005, providing the church with a much-needed additional revenue stream. The Brooklyn Tabernacle assigned Churchill’s of Brooklyn, Inc. as a representative affiliated entity of TBT to assume the function of “Landlord.”

Dissolution of Churchill’s of Brooklyn, by proclamation, annulment of authority, occurred in October 2011. A detailed outline and comprehensive information regarding Churchill’s of Brooklyn, Inc. is available HERE.

With the dissolution of Churchill’s of Brooklyn, Inc. as a corporation in 2011, how were they still listed as Landlord for Dallas BBQ until the subsequent 2015 sale of the property, in which the lease transferred over to the new owner and Landlord, Thor Equities? To whom was Dallas BBQ writing out their monthly rent checks from May 2005-October 2015?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle v. Thor 180 Livingston LLC et al.
Kings County Supreme Court, 518739/2019
Document #162
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