Recent Lawsuits of The Brooklyn Tabernacle

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is facing multiple lawsuits within the Kings County Supreme Court system.

Paul Brewer v. The Brooklyn Tabernacle

“Plaintiff, PAUL BREWER, by and through undersigned counsel, respectfully shows to this Court and alleges as follows… The plaintiff, when he was a minor, was sexually abused and assaulted while in the care, custody or in the presence of Defendant….”

The Brooklyn Tabernacle et al v. Thor 180 Livingston LLC et al

The church has been described as doing the following throughout this case, reportedly:

False accusations. Obfuscation. Denying appropriate access. Combative and litigious. Forging a sworn affidavit. Committing a criminal act. “…utter disdain and disregard for judicial process….”

“I am personally shocked that anyone, let alone a church, would behave in this manner during a pandemic.”

The Brooklyn Tabernacle v. Holland & Knight LLP et al

In this lawsuit, the church alleges that their original lawyers in the 180 Livingston lawsuit, Holland & Knight LLP, the defendants, “violated their duties, as attorneys, of loyalty and fidelity stemming from their concurrent dual representation of the Church and Thor 180 Livingston LLC…. Defendants failed to provide plaintiff with competent and diligent representation and their professional judgement was clouded by their divided loyalty.”

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