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It isn’t just the sons-in-law as “pastoral counselors” that is bad news. Many of the BT leaders have no actual training as counselors outside of what may be part of the nouthetic counseling movement disguised as “biblical counseling” when it is not anywhere near biblical. Yet BT leaders are always counseling people. There are an unbelievable amount of stories from attendees of damage that has occurred as a result of their ignorant, uninformed, destructive and sometimes dangerous “counsel” given by leaders. Individuals and couples who were given counsel by leaders and that counsel made things so much worse. The church is told to trust the leaders, that they are an authority and led by God. They are often well meaning, at least I hope they are. But the damage is still present and it is widespread.

Someone already posted a link in the forum to an article documenting a scenario where PJC counseled a woman who ended up dead. According to the article his response to her, when she told him her fiance was dangerous and she feared for her life, was “We will all die, but we will all be with the Lord.” After that, her fiance killed her. I cannot believe this story has been out in the open since 2003 and no one seems to understand how terrible this was handled by PJC. If they did understand, they would have confronted leadership and stopped attending, if the counseling practices did not get a complete overhaul.

Also from what I am told, the leadership does not properly report abuse of minors to authorities. They pick and choose what they report or if they report. I heard they usually handle it “in house” which says it is not being handled correctly. If this is true, BT is a haven for predators.