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You say “the leadership at this place is morally depraved”.

I dont know what is the problem with the associate pastors,but I believe Jim Cymbala’s problem has a deep root of jealousy (insecurity) which he has never dealt with. (Notice the stories he always tells,how his father never made it to his wedding.Why keep telling that then to say you are only joking? You know that must have been traumatic).

He is like a Saul.

David was tested by God before he got to the throne,Saul never really was.And David’s heart proved right and stayed faithful to God.

I have always wondered,what exactly was Jim Cymbala’s personal conviction story with God? Has anyone ever heard it?

I’ve heard the testimony of him being in the business world,never expecting to be a pastor. I’ve heard of how they were prophesied over at their wedding. I’ve heard of how he grew up in church. I’ve heard of all the things God did for the church.

But what was his actual personal encounter with God,that brought him to his knees,like they ask you in your membership interview? Does anyone know? I can’t say that I have ever heard such.

Did he just get into the ministry through being raised in church,and meeting and marrying Carol? By appointment by his father-in-law?I think that may make for a big difference between  true heart service.The Saul and the David.

I believe Jim Cymbala is a damaged man who never really healed from all his experiences and hides it all behind the cloak of ministry.

He is not a person who should be in a position of power and authority.

May the Lord have mercy on him, and those associate pastors when the time comes for being accomplices to his deeds.

Sadly,us his congregation have and are paying the price.