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Vexed Christian

What in the world is happening at Brooklyn Tabernacle??

We have to discuss this. Another church leader who has committed himself to a sinful lifestyle. This has got to stop, church. I didn’t think Pastor Jim was capable of this, but these allegations of abuse span many years! There are so many stories I’m reading on here that break your heart. He does preach quite a bit on division in the church and social media and the internet. And now he’s writing a book?

Does he think that this is going to stop people from speaking out? If he didn’t want division, he shouldn’t have been divisive. If he doesn’t want stories of his abuse on social media, then he shouldn’t have done these things! This is on Jim Cymbala!

This person is correct to quote Paul in 1st Corinthians. The bible gives us clear instruction on how the church should handle those who commit wickedness. These are allegations of LITERALLY CRIMES!!

We keep seeing the fall of these leaders because the pastors and leaders of these churches do not handle the sin in their churches. “Expel the wicked person from among you.” Who was Paul talking to? Even if that person is the senior pastor, it falls on the pastors and leaders of that church to do the right thing. I know the pastors at Brooklyn Tabernacle. I have spoken with many of them. If the associate and executive pastors at Brooklyn Tabernacle won’t dealt with it, they are, quite frankly, either pleasing man and choosing to vacate their calling to protect and serve the members of Brooklyn Tabernacle or they are integral to the issues there. I fear both may be true. Position comes with responsibility. If they choose to wink at sinful behavior, they are complicit.

Trust God, my brothers. Do the right thing. This has got to stop.