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BT Volunteer

@Speakingtruth There will not be calls to repentance at BT. Certainly not on Jim Cymbala’s watch. He is choosing to live a hidden, sinful lifestyle. I have come to learn that he is a serial sexual abuser. That is not hearsay. That is a fact. That may be a hard reality for people to accept. They don’t want to accept it. I understand the pastors and other ministry leadership at BT know about the recent and past allegations and have turned a blind eye. They are the definition of hirelings.

Jim Cymbala has also found a niche of appearing as a humble pastor to pastors, who relies on God every waking moment. The truth is, he is a covert narcissist. It is an act, a persona. So, the people believe his persona. They need to believe his persona.

Be encouraged, @Speakingtruth. God sees.

Jim Cymbala and the employees that call themselves pastors may have for gotten about the omniscience and omnipresence of our our God, but God sees it all.

Ravi Zacharias proved that even death cannot encapsulate a legacy based on lies.