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I want to say so much- I dont know where I would start. Also,I dont want to overwhelm myself and to put myself in a place where its hard to come back from-for healing.

So I will only say that reading what everyone has said and knowing your own experience is really heartbreaking. That a church and pastors you believed in and trusted is so deceptive,such a farce!!!

I can only say once more that I guess the best thing is saying ” thank you God” for opening my(our) eyes.

Because truth be told,in retrospect,there are so many things that add up now- that one see,had thoughts about,questions about,or were told- that all come together now.

It is better knowing despite the painful process than continuing being in blissful ignorance.

What you said about the ” humble image” is indeed the key to it,especially to other pastors. I was in fact told- warned- about that. It being the key to the “lucrative” endorsements.

So much- as I said- that can be said. But I have to save my heart from being poisoned by any anger. So for me,I want to make it enough that I have said enough that is necessary to make others wise. I believe your last paragraph says it well.

There is coming a day when lies will be exposed and justice done. Truth always win. “Right never loses,and wrong never wins”(though it may seem to). And God IS Truth. It is just a matter of time.