Dr. Diane Langberg

We assume that that giftedness [of preaching] carries over into every area of their lives. But what we don’t understand is that the giftedness could be covering up hideous things. So you could have somebody with incredible preaching skills, teaching skills, brilliant mind. All of those things. But it’s a front. Because the character behind it is abusive or nasty or bullying or raping or whatever. But as long as it stays in front and it’s something people want and like, they don’t want it to stop being true. And if you’ve got a gifted speaker and they’re accused of abuse, they’ll use their gift of speaking to deny it. And they’re much more persuasive than a victim, who’s terrified, hurt, stumbling over their words.


I can’t think of a more contentious and divisive scripture than Paul’s letter in 1 Corinthians 5. It would be all the more divisive if Paul referred here to the pastor of a church.

Devotional: As We Face a New Year

But how many people living in New York serving the Lord, just when it got really hard and the [COVID-19] spike came said I’m out of here. Adios, muchachos. I’m gone. Maybe they were led by God. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe they just couldn’t take it. [listen now]

The Wartburg Watch

So, as the light shines upon TBT, there are certainly legitimate questions that need to be answered, especially in the area of financial accountability.


I asked him why couldn’t he be financially transparent with the congregation. He became upset and told me that maybe I should find another Church that has those practices in place… I was fired four months later.


He screams and yells, accuses and attacks his own workers. He has become a megalomaniac, and cannot see his own flaws; he believes he is above reproach and will bite the head off of anyone who dares question his authority. I have been on the receiving end of his tirades, and he is NOT the humble preacher you see “on stage” every Sunday.


BT is a family business. It was started by a family member Claire (Carol’s father) passed down to Carol and Jim. In 1997 Pastor Hammond was demoted so that Al Toledo (son in law) could take his rightful place. If we follow the pattern, either Al will return to BT or Pastor Brian Pettrey (son in law) will inherit the business.


Our family no longer attend BT because there are things we can no longer bear to see or experience. There is only so much pain our souls can bear.

Paul Brewer v. The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Given Defendant’s constructive and/or actual knowledge of PERPETRATOR’s dangerous sexual propensities, as described above, Defendant breached its duty to protect Plaintiff by allowing PERPETRATOR to serve as pastor and granting him unfettered access to children engaged in church-related activities, despite such knowledge of his dangerous sexual propensities, and by failing to institute any supervision of PERPETRATOR’s contacts with children, and failing to address and/or correct PERPETRATOR’s known inappropriate contacts with parishioners, including children. (p. 7, paragraph 38 of complaint)

Roberta Langella Book Review

No one at the church has ever been compensated for either the books and videos they’ve been included in or the millions of albums sold by the choir. Only the Cymbalas benefits from the royalties, because we were told that our service and labor was for the Glory of God.