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Again you are missing the point .. do you know many Police precincts surrounded the church a lot?  A pastor is not a god he cannot predict the future.  Put yourself in his shoes, he had thousands of people talking to him on weekly basis about their problems.  Do you actually believe he has an answer for everything?  If that was the case in that case we don’t need God. If he was God or  at least a god he would have been able to prevent it.  We both can agree he is a another human being .  He cannot save the world, he might be able to a person to save his/her soul. But he cannot protect you from psychopath.  If you want to build a house, you don’t call a doctor asking for advise.

As far as referrals link you just prove my point…Not because it is online does not mean it’s real . Do you actually believe my name is Ramon?