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      hmmm.. very strange?  if you want to tell the truth first tell us who you are?

      How do we know you are not like just QAnon?   spreading conspiracy theories. WE ALL WANT TO KNOW the truth… but not from a hidden figure.  A lot of people have learned from January 6, 2021.  Show yourself then we all can draw our conclusions.  We no longer believe in what he said she said. We need proof. Until then, you are just another conspiracy person or group.

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      I can understand your frustration, Ramon.

      Oh, that this site was just about any of us individually. If it were there wouldn’t be a need for a site like this. This site would seem to represent the Robertas, that model who begged for help, the victims, the staff – who have been told over and over that they steal the people’s money, the volunteers – who for decades couldn’t even get a cake in appreciation for their service.

      If this site is confusing to you, I’m sorry. You may have had only great experiences at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. It could also be that you may not know what if feels like to be free from spiritual manipulation. So many people have had to find healing and solace outside of the walls of Brooklyn Tabernacle BECAUSE of what has happened to them INSIDE the walls. It’s sad and it’s true.

      There was a site years ago that tried to sound the alarm about what a pastor without accountability has led to. It’s referenced on this site and you can go read for yourself. These were wounded sheep pleading for their shepherd to STOP HURTING THEM. Pleading for the light to shine in dark places.

      Is this site the best venue for this? Probably not. The best venue would have been for the senior pastor to become introspective, to repent, to change his ways. But he didn’t and if history is any indication, he won’t. I’m not sure how he will respond to the fact that his sheep are openly discussing their pain, but no doubt he will minimize. He will strategize. He will tell them not to talk to one another because it’s gossip. But the truth is Alexander the metal worker did Paul much harm. The Brooklyn Tabernacle has caused many much harm. Silencing victims of harm is over and the light must shine in dark places.

      Ultimately giving him a chance to repent is the most loving thing we can do; giving a chance for him to break over the brokenness of the Body that lays before him. Has he preached? Yes. But he has also done much harm. What will he do in the end?

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      I’m sorry for what happened to the model. But Pastor is Not Superman…he is not God…and he is not even NYPD… If you had someone stalking you would go to your pastor for safety or would you go to someone who has authority like the police or the fbi? She was a Yale graduate I’m sure she was smart enough to know pastor Jim could not save her. Until a person can prove me that the pastor has super power he could have saved her then I will agree with you.  That being said Pastor Jim is a human being I’m 100% sure  he may have done some shady things. But we must not blame him for that.

      Additionally, using bible verses to take revenge on someone who may have done something wrong is not right.  I truly understand you are mad at him..but .leave the bible alone….He can use a bible verse also  “He that is without a sin among you let him cast the first stone”. John 8:6.  The pastor is not perfect …. I’m not perfect …let God deal with him.

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        Ramon, as far as conspiracy theories go, have you checked out the rest of the website? At first glance, there seems to be at least 100 citations and external resources. Start there if you are seeking to verify if what is written on this site is accurate or not. There is also an entire referrals section, including experts and advocates

        The model’s situation is a classic Intimate Partner Violence scenario. Anyone with training (which should include all church employees, especially leaders) would know how to properly respond to her. “We will all die, but we will all be with the Lord” is a hazardous response to a victim of abuse who fears for her life, putting her in even more danger.  Have you heard of Pastor Neil Schori? He was the pastor of Stacy Peterson, who went to him with concerns that her husband, Drew, had killed his previous wife. A few weeks later, she disappeared, presumed dead. Pastor Neil realized he did not have proper training for Domestic Violence responses. Recognizing his failure, he has dedicated his years as a pastor since then to become educated and teach others.

        “The pastor is not perfect …. I’m not perfect …let God deal with him.” This is what’s referred to as sin-leveling, which minimizes the need for biblical accountability, especially among churches and church leaders. Check out the Abuse of Faith section, which covers commonly misused bible verses and phrases, including the one you used,, and the Biblical Support section




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        Looks like John 8:7 has already been addressed on the “Abuse of Faith” page up there, under “Commonly Weaponized Scriptures.” There’s your answer to that.

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      Again you are missing the point .. do you know many Police precincts surrounded the church a lot?  A pastor is not a god he cannot predict the future.  Put yourself in his shoes, he had thousands of people talking to him on weekly basis about their problems.  Do you actually believe he has an answer for everything?  If that was the case in that case we don’t need God. If he was God or  at least a god he would have been able to prevent it.  We both can agree he is a another human being .  He cannot save the world, he might be able to a person to save his/her soul. But he cannot protect you from psychopath.  If you want to build a house, you don’t call a doctor asking for advise.

      As far as referrals link you just prove my point…Not because it is online does not mean it’s real . Do you actually believe my name is Ramon?

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      Ramon, you started this thread by asking the creator of this to expose themselves but you use an alias. Now that’s funny. Also, using the most abused verse in the bible to say abuse is ok tells me you unfortunately have not studied gas lighting and clergy abuse. Sorry, not helpful to the mission here.

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      BT Volunteer

      hmmm.. very strange? if you want to tell the truth first tell us who you are?

      How do we know you are not like just QAnon? spreading conspiracy theories. WE ALL WANT TO KNOW the truth… but not from a hidden figure. A lot of people have learned from January 6, 2021. Show yourself then we all can draw our conclusions. We no longer believe in what he said she said. We need proof. Until then, you are just another conspiracy person or group.

      now that you know a little bit more about “the truth” would you like to revise your statements? Maybe one of your friends was a victim of Jim’s?

      A lot of people have learned from the Twitter Files. Where there is unchecked power, there is corruption. Brooklyn Tabernacle is sadly in that statistic.

      Truth has been shown. We don’t get to choose where it comes from. But you can all draw your own conclusions.

      Some wouldn’t believe even if they were shown a video tape.

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      We have all been blindsided by what is happening at BT. I believe @RamonJose’s initial comment, though misguided, was a true desire to know the truth. Now that we have heard the stories and have come to understand Jim Cymbala as duplicitous and dangerous…

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