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Your entire attempt to shore up that there was a proper investigation hinges on the fact that it was “outside policing authorities” that investigated and that there wasn’t just an internal investigation. Since you prefer the use of the word “hearsay,” let’s remove my unsubstantiated claim that faxes were sent and that people like myself have read them. Let’s also remove my concern about leadership laughing at this man. I haven’t used this person’s name out of respect, but since you require me to make his name public, we can call him Mr. B.

What is left is your confirmation that there was indeed an accusation of sexual abuse at the hand of Jim Cymbala. What you have also confirmed was that there was an investigation. What you have claimed, without proof (you like to call it heresay) “without a shadow of a doubt” was that there were “outside policing authorities” that handled that investigation.

had the best clarifying questions, so I will repost his/hers:

What “outside policing agencies” outside of child protective services (and outside of any law firm) performed the investigation?

As you mentioned in your comment, what things on this forum do you agree with?