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Paul Br

For those who any question on wether the staff knew about my case against BT

I have spoke directly with both Jim Cymbala and Lincoln Fritz – as well as both thier secretaries.

I also called and left voicemails on the extensions for –

Alex Burgos

Charles Hammond

Craig Holiday

Floyd Johnson

Jerry Park

Including multiple messages for Brian Pettrey and Messages at The Chicago Tabernacle for Chrissy Cymbala. I knew her as a child and she used to come over to our house to play.

I also emailed each one of them as well on multiple occasions from multiple email accounts. Thank you for BT members that reached out to me to give me thier contact info. The employee that gave me thier email addresses , phone numbers and addresses is a true Christian . I am grateful that he has stepped forward .

Next I will include the email BT attorney sent me to stop contacting employees . They knew .