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Concerned Staff


here’s to hoping that you find justice. I’ve read through your lawsuit filing and that there were others that were abused. make no mistake, jim cymbala has not stopped abusing. that is a fact 100%. he is sick and the pastors have sat on their hands for God knows what reason.

congregation members are dropping like flies from BT. staff is being fired. they’ve brought in their granddaughter, their grandson and their spouses on staff. the nepotism is beyond words. $$$

don’t you think we know they opened the church for Claire’s wedding? July 4th opening  hmm… just enough time to get everything ready and announce it to the church. $$$

the Pettreys groveled a GoFundMe from the church when they just bought a VACATION HOME in FLORIDA during the pandemic?? they raised 20K off the back of the congregation while their father (from his own vacation home in FLORIDA) sits on the literally millions of dollars he made from books. books that are full of people’s stories….who never get a dime. their mother sits on literally millions of dollars she made from albums that paid people recording them
NOTHING. who pays for those albums….and who benefits from those royalties?  $$$

wake up!! if you think the story in fresh wind, fresh fire is how it actually happened, think again. there’s a whole other side to the cymbalas. a hidden world that is now beginning to rear its ugly head.

you can fool all of the people some of the time. you can fool some of the people all of the time. but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

carol, when the choir returns, will you label them with who is fat again? just wondering who gets the big F this time.