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Hi Paul.

You are right…it makes sense that the address was on Atlantic Avenue during that time.

It’s terrifying that the just built a new children’s center 2 levels down in the church basement. Dear Jesus…protect those children.

I am speechless regarding the testimony you just told of the little girl. It’s really hard to wrap my mind around. But I think of all the other girls that have been called “spiritual daughters” and how they have left the church. I can’t imagine the stories…

I believe you. Many believe you. And many will believe the others’ stories as well…as shocking as they may be.

Paul, Jesus was misrepresented to you. By words you may have heard and certainly through the trauma you had to endure. If you haven’t already, I pray one day you may come to trust in the True and Living Savior who loves you.

…in grief, sorrow, and prayer