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According to a California Secretary of State business search, San Francisco Tabernacle (EIN: 94-2929630) filed articles of incorporation in 1990, signed by Conrad and Rina Gatdula. If the church were to dissolve, all remaining assets would go to Christ Tabernacle, then located at 543 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY.

The corporation dissolved in 1999, with “a majority of the directors now in-office of San Francisco Tabernacle” as signatories: Rev. Frank O’Neill (President/Director), Rev. Charles Combs (Secretary/Director), and Rev. Jim Cymbala (Director).

The church, located at 501 Cambridge Street in San Francisco, CA, is believed to have been sold to Cornerstone Academy, a private primary and secondary Christian school. The church office, at 132 36th Ave in San Mateo, CA is now a limousine service.

EIN 94-2929630, San Francisco Tabernacle, under the Independent Assemblies of God, also shows in searches as having been founded in February 1964. The IRS tax exempt organization search does not yield any results for this EIN in order to verify. Same office address and primary contact: Rev. Frank O’Neill.,942929630/