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      I keep reading through the website and cannot believe how many things I was led to believe that do not seem to be true. One example is how we were told by PJC over and over about when the church was getting ready to move into 17 Smith, and how his back was against the wall with the finances. Construction workers walked off the job.

      He told us that the church prayed, then God miraculously answered by providing 2 envelopes on his desk opened within 10 minutes containing $6,000,000, the exact amount we needed. 1 check was for $1,000,000 from Pat Robertson, the other was for $5,000,000 from an older lady in the midwest, someone he had never met, who was obedient to the Lord’s impression on her heart to send a check to our church. He made it seem like she lived in some small house, very unassuming, and the Lord just happened to lead her to send this amount. I think he even said something like she heard the choir or him speaking on the radio, and that was her only connection. How many times have we heard this over the years?

      The $5,000,000 was actually given to the church by the Arthur S Demoss Foundation, in what looks to be a planned donation, split over 2 payments of $3,000,000 and $2,000,000. The Arthur S Demoss Foundation donates tens of millions of dollars to Christian organizations every year. Nancy Demoss, the mother of Nancy (Leigh Demoss) Wolgemuth, is the Chairman of the foundation, located in West Palm Beach, FL. This is not a typical retired woman from the midwest who just happened to hear about the church on the radio. (Form 990, 2001, p. 187, 190) – this was on the DNA of The Brooklyn Tabernacle page

      Why not just say that it was from the Arthur S Demoss Foundation and that it was a planned donation with less than half scheduled for later? Why would PJC make up the story about the little lady being led by the Lord to give without even knowing our needs at that time? He led us to believe that God answered our prayer by leading her in such a specific way, and it just happened to be the exact number we needed. Does anyone else see how dishonest this is? Makes me wonder if the church’s back was really against the wall back then, or if that was just part of the sensationalistic dramatization of the story.

      This website has all kinds of eye openers. Things we were told or not told and expected to believe a certain way. What were we really a part of? How much of what we believed was actually true?

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      Who knew that as of 2015 Rina Gatdula “travels among the churches the Brooklyn Tabernacle has begun, both in this country and overseas, reminding them of the exploits they can do through God. She always seems to spark a spirit of prayer. Whether in Harlem, San Francisco, or Lima, Peru, she is a living example of a heroine of faith.” I didn’t. How long has she been representing BT like this? Why hasn’t she been featured and honored on the platform like the other missionaries so often are?’s-mighty-people

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