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Paul W

That is disgusting and so completely characteristic.

This is exactly the kind of garbage that allows and promulgates his behavior.

doesn’t speak for himself. His mouth is a mouthpiece. Where do you think he cut and pasted his response from?

Think for a moment what @hwpatrick356 and the pastors have tried to bury by their words (or their lack of words). Allegations of sexual abuse of a minor!

Why then misrepresent that there was a complete and unimpaired investigation?

Think about it.

Why doesn’t he want anyone to know about any of the lawsuits? Why is he so agitated about people asking questions? Why is he characterizing questions as “rabbit trails?”

Pastors. My God. Consider what you are doing! Are you a shepherd?

The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep. One who is hired to watch the sheep is not the shepherd. He does not own the sheep. He sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep. He runs away while the wolf gets the sheep and makes them run everywhere. The hired man runs away because he is hired. He does not care about the sheep.

In your heart, don’t be so quick to claim the wolf doesn’t exist. We are all telling you: TAKE WARNING – WE ARE BLOWING THE TRUMPET – A WOLF EXISTS! The Blood of Ezekiel 33 is on your hands!

I know you care for the sheep. God will provide if you do the right thing. Let your loyalty reside with Christ alone.