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The resulting thing about all this is now I look at BTab so less innocently.

I’m trying not to be jaded but it makes you ask,how much of anything you heard was ever really the truth? Not the people’s testimonies,but Jim Cymbala’s? Anything that comes out of his mouth?

But instead of being jaded or angry,I realise we can give thanks to God for opening our eyes,even if the experience was painful. Now we can tell and  pray to open other peoples.

All BTab is doing is recycling old testimonies.

All of them giving old repeat sermons.Is any effort being put into Bible study?Dead messages.

The “altar calls” are not gospel centred altar calls.

What happened to the Holy Spirit? “Fresh wind,fresh fire”?


Those are the signs of a dead church.The church is dead ,people being fooled by an image!

Why silence is not an option. Its not slander. How can truth be slander? We are not being wicked. Especially if you have already tried the other means,going to the party to let them know you ” were injured”, and got no response.

“Truth sets you free”.

Let our cries  be a wakeup,BTab, before the Lord has to come and do a work Himself. Or indeed,all that was said about that person now being “an adjective” will become your lot. Empires can and do fall.The thing you are afraid of becomes a reality.God is patient and longsuffering,but not forever.