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      ive been reading through this site. is this correct???

      1. pastor cymbala tells us we are selling 180 livingston street. i remember him during the tuesday night prayer meeting pulling up a chair and telling the congregation we are going to have so. much. money.  $$$$$
      2. wait what??? we gave steven vornea $4.3 million dollars out of our tithe “the peoples” money!!!??? this wasn’t even legal???
      3. we sold off the first 2 floors with windows and bbqs restauarant. this included the rent they pay the church at $500,000 a year!!??
      4. we spent $60 million dollars on the 2 floors in the basement!!!!
      5. we are still in the same amount of debt $60 million, but we lost the first 2 floors and bbqs!!! this is terrible

      if that wasn’t enough now we are suing the people we sold the building to??? for the pipes we just sold them???

      1. i’m looking at these issues with the pipes for bbqs. weren’t these the same pipes that we were in charge of before we sold the building?
      2. i saw that bbqs said that we were jackhammering the concrete bunkers. i know thats true because we took tours in the basement and sub basement and saw them. wouldn’t that damage the pipes for bbqs if they weren’t careful? didnt the pipe leaks start after the demolition??
      3. didn’t we do the installation of pipes for churchills back when we bought 180????
      4. there was always flooding in 180 when it rained!

      i’m sorry. i cannot condone how our leadership has behaved. if we don’t have integrity, what do we have???

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      Concerned Staff

      that must be why they are trying to sell off even more of our building!!!!

      goodbye 163!!

      i wonder how much steven vornea is getting paid for this project?????

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