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      In yet another shameless attempt to circumvent accountability and proper process, Brooklyn Tabernacle has taken to the news to state their side of a years-long lawsuit.

      To clarify, Brooklyn Tabernacle was the owner and landlord of the Dallas BBQ restaurant location before Brooklyn Tabernacle sold the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and BBQ Restaurant at 180 Livingston Street to Thor Equities. That means that those pipes were OWNED AND MANAGED by Brooklyn Tabernacle just a couple of years ago!

      Once they sold the building to Thor, Brooklyn Tabernacle started breaking up enormous concrete blocks in the basement and shook the entire building. INCLUDING THE PIPES!!

      “In or about September 2016, the Church commenced construction activities in the Lower Unit that included extensive and excessive demolition of concrete utilizing jack hammers and other similar power tools. As a result of these activities, there were occasions that the Premises [Dallas BBQ restaurant] experienced earthquake-like and other seismic conditions. Certain portions of the flooring in the Premises cracked and separated, creating gaps in the flooring that likely resulted in water penetrating into areas located in the Lower Unit. Upon information and belief, the extensive and excessive demolition also caused plumbing fixtures and pipes and structures holding them in place to become loose. Upon information and belief, as a consequence of the extensive and excessive demolition, there were leaks of water and other liquids into the Lower Unit. The Church had a duty to perform its construction activities in accordance with all laws and so as to avoid and prevent any damage to the Premises and the pipes, plumbing and related fixtures located beneath the Premises. On information and belief, the Church breached this duty and failed to protect the Premises and areas beneath same.” (Document #175, pp. 9-10, paragraphs 56-62)

      Read more about the pipes here:

      After promising their congregation that after the sale of the Livingston property, the church would finally be in good financial condition, Brooklyn Tabernacle had to take out an additional $20M loan. Due to poor management, the project has rang up nearly $60 million in construction cost and has paid consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars. All on the congregant’s dime. All the while providing little to no help to their congregation during the pandemic.

      Brooklyn Tabernacle is desperate and can’t seem to find a strategy that doesn’t leave themselves culpable for the nasty pipes they sold Thor and the damage they incurred to the pipes during their basement construction project.

      Jim Cymbala is the lead pastor at Brooklyn Tabernacle. He is also in the midst of another lawsuit allegedly having sexually abused a boy in his church.

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      Concerned Staff

      This lawsuit has been going on for years.

      In JANUARY 2020

      There was flooding all the time from the bad drainage in that building. BT knew that when they sold it to Thor.

      First they tried to sue Thor. When that didn’t work they turn their sights to BBQs.  You are right @JBranch Dallas BBQs was a tenant of BT for a very long time. BBQs used to donate food to the church all the time for the staff and for holidays.  I am personally ashamed of how BT has dealt with the owners.

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