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      The Brooklyn Tabernacle, hiding nothing, should readily provide the past 10 years of financial information, including:

      •Full general ledger
      •Trace of all outgoing cash transfers
      •Check register
      •Financial statements, balance sheets
      •Construction budget actuals
      •Audits from Capin Crouse, TBT’s accounting firm
      •Pay for a forensic audit

      Why is there no financial transparency at The Brooklyn Tabernacle?

      Financial Information



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      Trustworthy organizations are transparent, not secretive. Members and donors have every right to see detailed financial reports. A general rule of thumb is that a donor should not give a dime to any not-for-profit organization, especially churches, without knowing formal details of their revenue, expenses, liabilities, assets, salaries of employees, including pastoral compensation packages. Donors who blindly trust leadership contribute to a culture of enablement, complicity, lacking proper accountability. Everyone is responsible to know exactly where their money goes. It begins with asking for the information. Anything short of full disclosure of annual reports available to all donors means a withdrawal of donations until full disclosure of satisfactory means is provided.

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