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      I thought I was the only one who thought about these issues at the BT. Has anyone else ever seen a single financial report from BT? Maybe I missed one??

      I remember years ago we were all told that we would have so much money when they sold the building across the street. Now they are millions of dollars in debt! Who is making these decisions?? I just read through the financial information page on this site. The financial decisions are horrendous. It looks to me that BT is still in the same amount of debt after selling off 2 floors of the building. This is not how to staward the people’s money.

      There is something deeper going on there because these decisions don’t make sense.

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      Truth Seeker

      You are not alone in thinking about these issues. I have never seen a financial report from BT either. Everyone who has ever donated or served in the ministry needs to be asking these questions, and so much more.

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