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      EXCLUSIVE: Dozens Say ARC Megachurch Pastor Bullied and Shamed Staff, Volunteers

      After reading this article,its amazing the similarities shown in many of these stories.

      And I cannot help but think,most of these pastors’ behavior are like abusive spouses- with the (predictable )abused responses the same. Denial,second chance,third chance etc.

      Is it that too many of us become ” married to the wrong partner”?

      We marry ” the church” and not Jesus?

      Don’t think that I am  victim blaming- I recognize that there is more to it. Not least because somewhere in our psyche we grow up esteeming ” men of the cloth”. They can’t possibly be wicked,no?😑

      We trust them implicitly.Too much.

      What innocence,what naivete. And they take advantage of their status!

      The lesson to learn?

      Don’t give to man what belongs to Jesus.

      Only Him we must trust completely.

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      When we regard ourselves as “weak,” we inherently desire someone strong to “save” us. Politicians, teachers, spouses, clergy. Because Christianity has built into it the concept of frailty, sinfulness, helplessness, the mindset becomes ingrained. Then add sociopathic clergy (who are drawn to positions of power anyway), and they will quickly take advantage of that state for their own benefit, rather than pointing us to God and saying our strength is in Him. The abuser says “without me you’re nothing,” and Christ says the same thing. But the former says it with a curled lip, desirous of the chance to weild power over you, and the latter says it with tender mercy, wanting to give you more power.


      “Finding more power than I’ll ever need

      I’m learning to lean on Jesus.”

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        👍ok. How sad,isn’t it? “Sociopathic clergy”. Smh. Disgraceful.

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