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      Just 1 week after BT took to the media to blame Dallas BBQ for its 190 Livingston flooding woes, 190 is flooded again……….from rain. I received an email from the church cancelling all events in that building for days.

      Imagine if BT kept those 2 above ground floors!


      There was flooding all the time from the bad drainage in that building. BT knew that when they sold it to Thor.

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      So the word is 190 is closed until further notice. It’s bad down there. I don’t know how parents could ever let their kids spend hours in those flooded basement rooms. I would never let my kids play on those floors.

      The rain water issue was, and continues to be, far worse than anything related to BBQs.

      The leadership is panicking because they just publicly blamed BBQs in multiple media outlets for the flooding at 190.

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