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      A friend put me onto this site. I go to BT but I knew something wasn’t right there. you can feel it. The people, the worship. it’s not that. It’s the pastors and leaders and Pastor Cymbala. There’s something off. It’s almost like every sermon and every time PJC speaks there’s a slant or agenda. This site explains it all.

      I am angry and disappointed.

      GOD is angry at all this.  It says it in His Word. Something must change at BT or else God will have his way. I will be praying for the victims and praying that God does have his way at BT and every other church that covers up abuse and misdeeds.

      Father, in the name of Jesus, have your way at Brooklyn Tabernacle. You know every hidden, secret sin happening within those walls. I also know that no one can outrun or outwit you. If we go to the bottom of the ocean, you are there. So Lord, cleanse your church. No matter how difficult that may be. Perform Spiritual surgery on Brooklyn Tabernacle. Carve out the cancerous sin and bring all things to light. Only then can your church flourish in Spirit and in Truth. Protect the sheep from the wolf, even if that wolf lives within the walls of the church.

      May you come back for a holy Church that looks and acts like you. We wait expecting you to do what only you can do.

      In the omniscient and all powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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