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      Has anyone else received the email from Carol? It was addressed as Dear Choir Member so I assume we all got it. Are we not getting back together???

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      Junky Cymbals

      I got that messy thing.

      So I have not heard from any leadership in forever. Same with other choir members I’ve spoken to. Carol was rarely if ever on the choir prayer calls over the pandemic. She sent in videos in place of her showing up for the prayer zoom calls. I just can’t with this! Over twenty years in the choir and they sent out the most impersonal and judgemental email. They choose not to be in touch with choir members, yet they know full well who is away from the Lord.

      It’s the last straw for me.

      She needed to show up. Period. Instead she chose to blamed us.

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      Not NASTY

      Judgemental emails are NASTY.

      I heard @hwpatrick356 is going to show up any minute and say that the email has been investigated and it’s not real.

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      Concerned Staff

      Yes, the choir email is real

      It is crazy here. They dismantled the choir. Half the staff has been fired. They told us we have to be at church every single Sunday and that they have people watching us as we come into the building to see if we are there and check the cameras with security. The family doesn’t come in for months at a time, but we are under security surveillance? Where is H.R. in all of this?

      They don’t say this but I know they monitor this site every day. They are petrified about what’s on it. Leadership grows more angry and more paranoid with every passing day. He can talk about how the Holy Spirit is gentle all he wants. Behind the scenes, he is becoming unhinged.

      That choir email is just one small glimpse into what is going on.

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      I also received that email. TBH I thought it was spam because it didn’t sound like Carol Cymbala. I’m totally confused by how they blamed the choir. Last year when they decided to erect a video wall that took up the entire stage, the choir had no place on that stage.

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      They have been ‘watching carefully’ and felt the need to report back to us those that aren’t walking with the Lord. Wow. How about reaching out to choir members? Or reaching out AT ALL during the pandemic in a meaningful way? Jesus left the 99 to help the 1. He didn’t cancel His ministry.

      Didn’t Carol start with a choir of 9? Churches have less choir members than 50! Why would they deliberately choose to not audition new members who may have come to BT from other churches? Or how about they make an effort to invite the choir back.

      Did anyone get an invitation to come back to the choir?

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      BT Too

      Dear Choir,

      Thank you for your individual and collective ministry over the decades and for ministering selflessly and beautifully from your very souls. The choir would never have been what it was without the people that made up its members. I say this through teary eyes, but I speak the truth.

      Jim Cymbala has lost the moral high ground. If you can stomach it, read the rest of this forum. It’s bad.

      Royalties from the books and the albums (including the new one that she is now recording with the singers) are all a lucrative source of income for the Cymbalas personally. Cui bono? Why do you think she had the whole church take out their phones and purchase the albums in years past?

      She no longer needs the choir to record these albums. She needed a reason to end the choir.

      Don’t believe me. Believe her. She told the choir that even if they get to a pre-pandemic number of choir members they would “probably reevaluate the situation.” I leave that for you to parse what that means.

      If they wanted to have a choir, they would. Instead, like many have said who have posted here, they chose not to.

      We may not know each other, but I pray God’s blessing on each of you. Wherever your future finds you, you will surely be a light in an ever-darkening world.

      BT Too

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      I just read the post about Pastor Cymbala and the boy all those years ago. That reminds me of another story I heard about a sister in the choir. I was hoping it wasn’t true. Dear Jesus.

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      @choir Does anyone have a snapshot of this hate filled email to share in here? I think the world needs to see it.

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