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      I imagine this podcast is relevant and may be helpful to those at Brooklyn Tab. Jim Cymbala and Ravi Zacharias were very close friends and traveled together all over the world. It would appear that similar accusations have been made about Jim Cymbala that were found to be factual about Ravi Zacharias regarding sexual abuse; both recently and spanning back decades.

      “What do you do when the man you looked up to as your spiritual hero is exposed as a fraud?”

      Hope & Disillusionment: Recovering from Ravi Zacharias Scandal

      What do you do when the man you looked up to as your spiritual hero is exposed as a fraud? How do you recover from the disillusionment and betrayal? And how do you find hope when your world is turned upside down?

      On this edition of The Roys Report, you’re about to hear a highlight session from this year’s Restore Conference featuring Carson Weitnauer, a former director with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Ravi Zacharias had a huge impact on Carson when he was coming of age. When Carson was hired by Ravi’s ministry, he thought he had found his dream job.

      But then in 2020, the dream became a nightmare as more and more evidence showed that Ravi Zacharias was not the man he purported to be. He was not a model Christian leader and sterling apologist, but a serial sexual predator, who lied and manipulated to cover his tracks.

      The revelations rocked Carson’s world—and especially his faith. And in this incredibly raw and vulnerable talk, Carson doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He tells of his journey from believing the exposés about Ravi were just Satanic attacks—to realizing that his own leaders, people he looked up to, were lying to him.

      He tells of the excruciating betrayal, pain, and depression he experienced. He talks about almost losing his faith and feeling like God had abandoned him. But he also talks about hope and hanging on, even when life seems bleak.


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