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      Both of the these posts mention the death of my friend, Leslie Ortiz Cymbala. I still miss her so so very much.

      The email that was sent to the entire church (sent by the Cymbala family!) and some other things never sat well with me and to this day I have questions. I’m hoping that by posting this we can all collectively grieve and seek for truth about that night.

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      @Christian, I grieve with you and everyone who loved Leslie.

      For those who may not know, Leslie was the daughter-in-law of Jim and Carol. Their son, James Cymbala, was her husband at the time.

      An email signed by the Cymbalas was sent to the entire church and contained their opinion regarding Leslie’s mental state, which they claim resulted in her committing suicide. Many people who knew Leslie very well question this “official” story.

      The Cymbalas’ narrative about what happened that night shifted daily. Stories that were incompatible with one another.

      Many of my friends said that behind the scenes the Cymbala family maligned her.

      For those reasons, I have my own questions and doubts if the any of the shifting narratives are true or were told to protect their son.

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      It’s time someone brought up this up.

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      Truth Be Told

      It’s time someone brought up this up.

      yes @themessenger

      People saw James when he came back to NY right after.

      Scratches all over his face and arms. Allowed to fly out of state the NEXT DAY. Shifting narratives.

      Nothing. Suspicious. Here.

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      The next day he was allowed to fly out the state?!? No way!!!
      I can tell you 100% that is NOT law enforcement protocol in these types of scenarios. 48-72 hours or more. Never ever the next day.

      I remembering seeing Leslie around when she was still at BT. She had a little girl too. 😢 I hope she is ok.

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      What happened to Leslie Cymbala??

      I know they moved to Texas and I heard the family was really angry with that decision.

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      “Scratches all over his face and arms.”

      I hate to ask.

      If there wasn’t any foul play then why would James have scratches all over him??

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