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      What in the world is going on over there???

      This Sunday, Steven and Ashton left Brooklyn Tabernacle. They are 2 amazing people. I wish them God’s best blessings and success in Nashville. Not the kind of “slip them a couple of bills on stage in front of everyone to see” kind of blessing. But rather Proverbs 10:22 kind of blessings.

      This wouldn’t be news if SO MANY others weren’t leaving also. We’ve seen nearly the entire music staff leave. More than half of the office staff has left in the span of just a few years! Steven’s dad is one of the main leaders there. But even THEY prayed and moved halfway across the country rather than stay.  Something isn’t right.

      Kareem came back on staff and then HE left too! Kareem is clearly a talented musician and worshiper. Looks like he is now at Times Square Church leading their choir and even singing solos! I’m glad to see he is planted and thriving. And I’m glad that TSC has chosen not to pretend that a choir isn’t possible.

      Here is why there are serious problems at BT.

      Many of the people that have prayed and left have been at BT for a very long time. The soloists have been there a very long time. Decades. Some nearly their entire life. Their entire support system was there. They are passionate about Jesus. Passionate about worshiping and serving. And they also continue to sing and worship wherever they went, so it’s not as PJC described that those who left Brooklyn Tabernacle “maybe didn’t hear from God” and “have the spirit of antichrist.”   Something isn’t right.

      So why is everyone praying and leaving???

      We can all guess why.

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      Concerned Staff

      Everyone is leaving BT because it’s total chaos here. It’s a completely toxic, controlling work environment. Pettrey and leadership has resorted to spying on staff. It’s bad.

      The ‘family’ (Cymbalas and Pettreys) have gotten so nasty especially to our staff and HR has turned a blind eye to all of it.

      They just built an even larger video wall behind the singers while at the same time they are having choir auditions. They are spending money left and right.

      They have been in lawsuit after lawsuit, suing and countersuing people. They can’t even prove in the latest lawsuit that BBQs is the source of waste water that BT Kids is having children play on top of. They are trying to keep it quiet. But the parents know now.

      It’s not just Steven and Ashton and others leaving, but BT is firing people they consider too old. I don’t see how there isn’t an age discrimination lawsuit being filed. It’s really bad and clearly discrimination.

      They are also worried about the lawsuit from Paul Brewer and the other accusations that have come forward about sexual abuse against PJC (Jim Cymbala). Paul’s lawsuit continues and if PJC and the church are found liable, the press would open the floodgates for his other victims to come forward. So they are trying to get him to step down and retire, but he won’t for obvious reasons. So disgusting.

      I myself am growing tired of the antics and the show. The pastors get up and pretend like we’re a praying church. But nothing can be father from the truth. BT is a manipulative, controlling, holy-posturing church with a LOT of secrets.

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      My husband and I were convicted in our Spirit and we couldn’t in good conscience support BT anymore. If we stayed, we were condoning the abuse. All of it. We weren’t willing to wait to see Jim Cymbala all over the Daily News before we chose to leave. We could not pretend that we never knew what we know.



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